The range of our competencies is quite wide. All of them are united by one key element – the exchange. We have experience in market making and asset management on the stock exchange of over 9 years. We are working in traditional markets and the last few years have shifted attention to the cryptocurrency market. Our core competencies are:

Advanced market-making for coins and tokens

It includes classic market-making (liquidity, spread, trading volume) + price support, a creation of mathematical correlation models of price movement, protection from stock manipulation, making holders buy or sell assets, support of exchange marketing and much more. In our product, we have considered all the disadvantages and advantages of existing market maker approaches and made a product that takes into account the desires and needs of projects and companies. For example, we have placed serious emphasis on the invisibility of our presence in the market (dynamic order book, dynamic spread, organic trading volume, harmonious work of people (minimum 2 traders per asset) and robots).


Implementation of controlled strategies

For example, the company does not plan to conduct an ICO but to immediately list the asset on exchanges and sell tokens there. We fully support this process as well as detailed business plans for investors and companies to implement such cases. Another example is a company which is already on an exchange and wants to buy most of the tokens in order to significantly raise the price of the token. We also fully support such operations and prepare business plans for investors and projects for their implementation.



Conducting of large stock exchange transactions

For example, a large fund is interested in your asset and wants to buy in for $2 million. But you do not have free tokens to carry out the OTC transaction, so you offer the fund to buy tokens on the exchange. In this case, we purchase tokens for the fund over a certain period of time,  minimizing the possible increase of assets value. As a result, the fund will receive an asset at the lowest possible price. Or on the contrary, it is possible to sell a large amount without significantly decreasing the price and keeping its sale price stable.




We have deep market-making expertise in the stock market.

We provide dynamic filling of order book quotes. It is difficult, even for a professional trader, to determine that market making operations are executed in the order book. Everything looks and happens very naturally.

Spread range adjustment depending on the market situation. Conventional market-makers keep the spread always in the same range, which makes them easily identifiable.

Natural increase of trading volumes. We will increase the trading volume in accordance with the trading volume at different time zones in various markets (Eastern, American, European, Russian), as well as adjust to Bitcoin and Etherium trading volumes.

We provide service around the clock. A trader works  75% of 24 hours timeframe, bots work around the clock.

Support the price of the asset. This is the most significant difference from the conventional market-makers. We don’t just fill the order book with quotes, but we support the price with various other tools. When we manage a token, its price grows faster in a growing market and falls more slowly on a falling market. Also, we ¬†“draw” on the chart various candlestick formations that represent buy or sell signals for robotic strategies and traders. All actions are carried out in accordance with the company’s strategy and in the interests of the company and its holders with full integration with the company’s marketing plan.

We protect against exchange manipulations and robotic algorithms. We are very knowledgeable in the field of exchange manipulations. That is why we can qualitatively protect the asset from them and withstand large manipulating players and algorithms.

We handle large exchange and over-the-counter transactions. If one of the holders wants to enter or withdraw from the assets at the best prices – we as market-makers perform these services. Within a certain time, we will buy a large volume at low average purchase prices, or we will sell on high selling prices, without flailing the asset rate, ensuring further growth. Investors themselves will not be able to carry out such operations, they will “break” the market and miss excact buying and selling prices.

We calculate strategic and mathematical models of price movement, correlational models and mathematical models of the liquidity fund to carry out any exchange transactions with maximum accuracy in practice. Conventional market makers don’t build such models.

We provide daily consulting support. In the telegram group, we write daily updates on the current market situation. We fill out weekly reports on the liquidity fund online.

We provide consulting support in exchange marketing. It is necessary to know that when working with the exchange community there are nuances.

We accept payment in Bitcoin. We define transaction costs in Bitcoin, and the company is protected from the risk of volatility. This is convenient for ICO projects since the investments collected are in cryptocurrencies.

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